Child Custody

Child Custody

Orlando Child Custody Attorney

In all Orlando child custody cases, the attorney must show that it is in the “best interest of the child” to live with one parent instead of the other or to live with one parent more than the other.  What the best interest of the child looks like can vary widely, depending on the parents involved and the circumstances of each case.  Some parents make the mistake of trying to put their interests or schedules first, which is never a good idea because the court is focused only on the children and what is best for them.

At one time, mothers had a strong advantage in child custody decisions, and fathers rarely won. This is no longer the case as there is no presumption either way in custody cases so both mother and father should be on equal footing.  Our experienced Orlando child custody attorney can help you present the best case possible for you and your kids.

Factors that Determine Child Custody

To determine child custody, the court has to evaluate all of the factors affecting the welfare and interests of the particular minor child and the circumstances of that family.  The Florida child custody statute, Florida Statutes section 61.13, contains a list of 19 factors the court must examine in determining the child’s best interest, some of which include:

  • The length of time the child has lived in a stable and satisfactory environment
  • The home, school, and community record of the child.
  • The geographical viability of the time-sharing arrangement
  • The moral fitness of both parents
  • The mental and physical health of both parents
  • The demonstrated ability of each parent to provide a consistent routine for the child
  • The demonstrated ability of each parent to communicate with the other
  • Domestic violence or abuse within the household
  • Any substance or alcohol abuse by either parent

In addition to the 19 statutory categories, there is a 20th catch-all category that allows the court to consider “any other factor that is relevant” to determining an appropriate parenting plan.  Thus, the court’s inquiry is very broad and factually intensive.  Orlando, child custody cases, have the tendency to become quite contentious, given the relationships at issue and the emotional issues at play.  At The Spence Law Firm, our attorneys have the experience to prevail on your Orlando child custody case.

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