Child Support

Child Support

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We’ve experienced Orlando child support attorneys who know that child support has to be calculated in all Orlando divorce cases with minor children and all paternity actions.  The calculation of child support in Florida is a mathematical computation outlined in Florida Statutes section 61.30.  The result of the calculation can vary somewhat, depending on how the different variables in the calculation are presented.

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When determining the proper amount of child support, a trial court must make findings of fact regarding the income of each party. This process can be a bit drawn out and confusing as several steps must be completed.

  • A detailed review of your monthly income and expenses.
  • Determine your monthly income, which includes money coming to you for any purpose (i.e., salary, wages, overtime payments, commissions, employment bonuses, social security benefits, disability benefits).  The court can also “impute” income to a party for child support purposes if the party is voluntarily unemployed or under-employed.
  • Financial affidavits must be prepared and filed.
  • A mandatory disclosure must be prepared and served.
  • A child support calculation worksheet must be prepared

The determination of monthly income can be a hotly contested topic, as it is central to the calculation of child support, and is also important when assessing an award of alimony and distribution of assets and debts in a dissolution of marriage case.  The court may depart plus or minus 5 percent from the guideline amount, after considering all relevant factors, including the needs of the child or children, age, station in life, the standard of living, and the financial status and ability of each parent.  There are other ways the court can modify the parties’ respective child support obligations, so consult with an experienced child support attorney in Orlando.

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