Modification of Judgments

Modification of Judgments

Orlando Modification of Order or Judgment Attorney

Although it may seem permanent, your child support, alimony or child custody order can be modified, based on a substantial change in circumstances.  The procedure for modifying your child support, alimony or child custody order is to file a supplemental petition for relief, which if granted, will change the previous order.  The standard grounds raised in a supplemental petition must allege a “substantial, material and unanticipated change” in the circumstances of the parties that necessitates the change.

For example, the amount of child support owed is based on the income and circumstances of the parties at the time of the agreement.  If the circumstances change significantly, for example, one spouse gets a big raise and promotion and makes a lot more money.  Or in the case of child custody, a significant change could be a change in the time sharing the parties practice that is different from a previous order.  Once the hurdle of a substantial change in circumstances is shown, the party still has the burden of proving their case for modification.

Modify Your Orlando Alimony, Child Support or Child Custody Order

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