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If you need a quality family law attorney Orlando, you need The Spence Law Firm.  We’re a boutique law firm that prides itself on skillfully guiding our clients through the intricacies of family law and divorce law.  You want experienced counsel and straight forward advice about how to protect yourself and your family during these difficult times.  At the Spence Law Firm, we’re well versed in the many issues that can come up during a family law or divorce matter.  Call today to schedule a FREE consultation with our skilled family law attorney Orlando to discuss your family law matter in confidence.  Some of the more common family law matters we handle include the following:


When unmarried couples have children together, it’s necessary to file an action to legally establish paternity of the children.  Even if both parents acknowledge paternity of the children, the court must enter a judgment that legally establishes the parents of the children.  Once paternity is established, the court can then enter subsequent orders to the mother and father regarding where the children go to school, where they will live, the time-sharing schedule, child support, health insurance and the other related issues that arise in family law cases involving children.  Our family law attorney Orlando can help with your paternity case.

Domestic Violence Injunctions

Domestic violence is a serious problem plaguing society.  Florida law provides a comprehensive statutory framework to deal with the different types of domestic violence.  If you’re a victim of domestic violence of any kind, or if you’re accused of domestic violence, you need a steady, experienced family law attorney Orlando to help you through this emotionally fraught experience.

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Enforcement of Judgments/Contempt

What do you do if your ex won’t pay you alimony?  What if he or she won’t pay you child support or refuses to sign the papers to sell the marital home? If there is a court order that directs the former spouse to do something and they don’t do it, they can potentially be held in contempt of court and forced to pay your attorney’s fees and costs for filing the motion for contempt.  A motion for contempt or motion to enforce a judgment by a family law attorney Orlando is a good way to resolve post-judgment disputes, and we will make a strong argument to have the judge force your ex to comply.


What do you do if you get a great job offer in a different part of the state after your divorce is final?  If you’re the primary residential parent, you can’t move without first obtaining a court order allowing you to relocate.  After a judgment has been entered that establishes a parenting plan for a minor child, the parent that lives with the child cannot move more than 50 miles away from their current address without permission from the court.  If you want to relocate with your children, have your family law attorney Orlando file a supplemental petition to modify the final judgment and request relocation and a modified parenting plan to reflect a long-distance parenting plan.  The Florida statute regarding relocation has many factors the judge is required to consider in giving permission, so you need a persuasive advocate to win your case.

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A dependency case is when applicable state and local government personnel determine that children have been abused, abandoned, or neglected.  In that case, the state can step in and file an action seeking to establish that the children are dependent on the state for protection and support, which allows the state to dictate a plan the parents must follow to re-establish a healthy relationship with their children.  This can involve simply monitoring families and providing needed social services all the way to the drastic step of removing the children from the parents’ home.

More than just the Law

Emotions can run high during a family law matter.  Having a skilled, experienced family law attorney Orlando on your side will give you the peace of mind you need to successfully navigate the legal, emotional, and related issues involved in your family law case.  You should have attorneys that listen to you carefully and work for you diligently like we do at the Spence Law Firm.  Our integrity and skill will reduce your stress level so you can make informed, intelligent decisions for you and your family.

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