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Looking for a skilled aggressive family lawyer Orlando? Then you want The Spence Law Firm, a boutique law firm focusing on family law. You deserve a lawyer and a law firm that will listen to you and treat you like a partner. We tailor a legal action plan to you and your family to get the results you want and we keep you informed every step of the way. Your family and your future are far too important to leave in just anyone’s hands. Some of the many family law matters we handle are discussed below, call the Spence Law Firm today to schedule a FREE consultation with a family lawyer Orlando to discuss your family law matter in confidence.


When children are born to unmarried parents, a paternity action has to be filed so the court can legally determine the childrens’ parents and the parents’ rights and responsibilities for their children. After paternity is established, a paternity action allows the court to order a time-sharing plan for the children. The court can also order child support, health insurance, and all other matters for the child that might be necessary.

Domestic Violence Injunctions

Domestic violence injunctions can be an essential first step in keeping a victim and their children safe. Florida law provides for a wide-ranging remedy for domestic violence. Sometimes, however, a spouse can be wrongfully accused of domestic violence as leverage in another family law matter. Whether you’re a victim or have been accused of domestic violence, our family lawyer Orlando can help you navigate the system to a fair outcome.

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Enforcement of Judgments/Contempt

What happens if your ex just ignores the court’s final judgment? When you or your ex-fail to comply with an order of the court, the non-compliant party can be held in contempt. This requires the party complaining of the noncompliance to file a motion and argue it in front of a judge or magistrate. Let us help you make the best argument possible and give you the best possible odds your contempt motion will be granted, and your ex will comply in the future.


Once a judgment is entered including a parenting plan for a minor child, the parent with majority time-sharing cannot move more than 50 miles from their current home address unless the court approves the relocation request ahead of time. Florida law sets out a list of factors for the court to consider when a parent is seeking to relocate with children. A family lawyer Orlando is essential to help you make the most compelling argument for your relocation, or to prevent your spouse from relocating, so you have the best chance of achieving your goal.

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When there are issues of abandonment, neglect or abuse of children, the state sometimes gets involved. A dependency action is filed when it is alleged that the children are dependent on the state to provide safety, shelter and the necessaries for the children to live a normal life. Our family lawyer Orlando understands this can be frightening for parents who love and care about their children but may have made a mistake, or even been wrongly accused. At the Spence Law Firm, we can help you navigate the legal system for a successful outcome for your dependency case.

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