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Advent Health Sued for Breach of Contract

By Richard Jan. 16, 2023

In this blog post, contract lawyer Richard P. Spence discusses the pending business litigation matter pending between Mid Florida Cancer Centers and Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital). For about four years now, Mid Florida Cancer Centers (Mid Florida) has been pursuing claims against Advent for breach of contract and violation of antitrust and kickback laws. Mid Florida also sued Florida Cancer Specialists, but it entered into a confidential settlement agreement with Mid Florida and has been dismissed from the case.

The basis of Mid Florida’s claims is that Advent and Florida Cancer Specialists conspired to drive Mid Florida out of Volusia and Flagler counties. The two companies allegedly agreed to divide up portions of cancer treatment services provided in the two counties for themselves. Advent provided radiation oncology and hematology and Florida Cancer Specialists provided medical oncology and hematology services. Mid Florida further alleged that the two companies would not compete with each other on these services, in violation of anti-trust laws.

Advent has defended the claims and denied it entered into any type of improper agreement with Florida Cancer Specialists. Instead, it argued that the companies worked together to make cancer treatment more efficient and to improve the level of care for their patients.

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