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At The Spence Law Firm, we have extensive experience litigating breach of contract disputes, both in Florida and all over the country.  Whether for the plaintiff or the defendants, in federal court and in state court, we’ve been there and litigated it and won.  Don’t risk your company, your money or your reputation by hiring a newbie lawyer or a firm that just dabbles in contract dispute litigation, as well as five to seven other areas of law.  Go Spence Law and feel confident and comfortable that we know contract law and litigation and we aggressively go after your case to obtain the best result possible.  

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We have litigated and received great results in all kinds of contract disputes.  From breach of settlement agreements to real estate contracts, construction contracts to franchise contracts, we have litigated them all so you can benefit from our experience. 

Check out our recent results for a description of recent contract dispute litigation cases in which we worked hard and achieved great results for our clients! 

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