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Business Owners in Divorce Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

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How Divorce Affects Business Owners

Business owners who divorce often face complex questions about the proper valuation of the business, income actually earned through the business, and equitable distribution of business assets.  At the Spence Law Firm, our divorce attorneys are known for their ability to protect businesses in these cases- providing a level playing field so our clients can proceed with confidence that they’re protected by sound legal advice.

How We Help Protect Your Business

Our focus in on protecting your legal and financial interests.  Many times our client’s assets include a business, either family-owned or a business that was started before the parties were married.  It is critically important to get a fair evaluation of your business and business-related assets and income.  We emphasize a team approach with a variety of professional experts, including appraisers, business valuators and accountants so we get the best possible result for our clients.  By sharing our insight and working together, we magnify the amount of skill and expertise on behalf of our clients, enabling us to better protect their legal and financial interests.

Led by divorce attorney Richard P. Spence, our team of lawyers and paralegals has the resources and experience to resolve the complex issues facing business owners in divorce. Our firm has longstanding relationships with other professionals including forensic accountants, appraisers, business valuators, tax professionals, and others to help us represent men and women throughout Orlando. 

Important Steps

  • Interview Client Regarding Business

  • Obtain Valuation / Appraisal of Business

  • Determine the Amount of Income Earned from Business

  • Analyze Assets & Liabilities of Business

Safeguard Your Business Interests


Helping Business Owners In Divorce

We know that business owners facing divorce have additional stress and pressure on them.  Our clients can relax as we can counsel them through the likely variables and present different options to resolve the dispute.  Potential actions can include selling the business, dissolving the business, drafting a buy-out agreement for one spouse, or the parties could continue working together after the divorce.

Our Orlando family attorneys will answer any questions and steer you down the path of an outcome that will best fit your business and your personal needs.  We offer a free initial consultation so call us now.