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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution in Florida that provides a confidential and voluntary process for resolving conflicts before pursuing court action. Mediation is beneficial to all parties involved as it gives them a greater measure of control over the outcome of their dispute, as opposed to handing control over to the court. This alternative family law method can be more cost-effective, timely, and less adversarial than traditional litigation. 

In Florida, mediation can be used to resolve a wide range of familial disputes, such as

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Resolving Disputes Through Mediation in Florida

Is Mediation Right for You?

People seek out mediation for a variety of reasons. It allows both parties to come together in an attempt to find mutually satisfactory solutions without relying on a judge to make decisions that could be potentially unfavorable to one or both parties (based on the strict application of the law and their discretion). In some cases, Florida courts may require parties involved in a dispute to attend mediation meetings before filing any motions with the court or setting hearing dates. 

In the context of divorce, spouses are not legally obligated to resolve any or all issues via mediation. Once the mediation process has concluded, spouses are free to litigate the remaining items in court. However, even if they only resolve 1 or 2 issues in mediation, this could still save them time and money by reducing the number of hearings required to settle all the original disputes. 

Another advantage of mediation is that it provides a private forum where both parties can openly discuss their needs and wishes. It is designed to encourage private negotiation. In contrast, family law trials (such as contested divorce cases) are generally public proceedings, which center on litigation between involved parties and their lawyers. 

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What Does the Mediator Do?

Mediators are neutral third-party professionals who facilitate communication and negotiation between the involved parties. They are often lawyers who have received special training in mediation. A mediator does not decide or adjudicate disputes, but rather structures the mediation process, establishes the agenda, coordinates communication, and ensures legality. They can also call an end to mediation if they believe that one or both sides are unwilling or incapable of genuine cooperation and negotiation. 

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In Florida, parties who are participating in mediation may agree on a mediator or a court will assign one to their case. Individuals may also hire their own lawyers to help represent their interests during negotiations. 

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