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Co-parenting – Yes, There’s An App For That

ByThe Spence Law Firm Oct. 23, 2019

In this blog post, we talk about a new app that can help couples going through divorce. The new app, called “CoParenter,” uses modern technology, including chat and artificial intelligence along with an option for live chat with outside family law professionals, to help couples co-parent their children. “Coparenting” is the situation where divorced or separated parents work together to raise their children and their family pets, particularly when they share physical custody of the children after a divorce or separation.

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is how it affects the children. Even when handled in the most delicate and sensible fashion, divorce is hard on kids. Although attorneys and courts strive to make life easier for divorcing couples, in the end, they are adults and are responsible for their own lives and make their own decisions. This app should help divorce attorneys and couples in Orlando and around the state make better decisions for the children involved.

Modern Technology in Divorce Cases

Modern technology has now been applied to help divorcing parents better learn the skills needed to co-parent their children. There have been previous attempts at creating apps to use in divorce and family law cases, including “Talking Parents” “Our Family Wizard” and “Co-parently.” Talking Parents and Our Family Wizard have been used frequently in Orlando divorce and family law cases. However, none of these previous apps use AI or a live chat component. Coparenter integrates texting, the parties’ timesharing calendars, and AI to help coordinate and de-stress certain activities involved in co-parenting children.

The app even has a “governor” of sorts that restricts or eliminates the use of curse words or aggressive language in the chat platform. If a user does use a curse word or insult, the app prompts the user for different language. If the user overrides the prompt, the app will save the text so that the other attorney and possibly the judge on the case can see it as well. Most users will take a moment to reflect and use better language, which leads to better relations, which is a good thing for all involved.

App Integrates With Family Law Professionals

The app can also be set to integrate with divorce and family law professionals, including attorneys, mental health counselors, and mediators. In this day and age, parties going through a divorce should look into this or one of the other apps available to use in family law cases as at the least, they should help to keep the parties civil, which is the one thing kids going through a divorce want the most.

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