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Next To The Courthouse

ByThe Spence Law Firm Dec. 15, 2021

What Does It Mean to Work Effectively in Florida State Courts?

When we say that our office is next to the courthouse, we mean it. Our office is physically located next to the courthouse.

That’s helpful as we go back and forth with family law documentation, helping customers to work through divorce and custody issues and other types of family law.

It also represents the principle of how we work – that through detailed attention to custody issues, alimony and child support, asset distribution and much more, we provide that individual outlook and attentive professionalism that helps get results for our clients!

Specific Legal Processes

Here’s something you won’t see on a lot of legal blogs – actual details about what we do in working through family law cases.

Family law attorneys often talk about the emotional aspect of this practice area, and that is not to be ignored. Yes, we know firsthand that divorce is tricky and emotional for the clients. We understand how this impacts relationships with family, and why that requires specific types of approaches.

But there’s also the paperwork. For example, establishing jurisdiction of a court. It would be frustrating to go through all kinds of legal work to recognize that a specific court doesn’t have the required jurisdiction. There’s also the need for a certain type of affidavit, for example, if a minor is involved. There is the need to post notice of related cases for participants in a family law case, and there’s different kinds of mandatory disclosure.

What does all this have in common? It’s actual legal work that must be done, while the family law attorneys are also in close consultation with the clients, understanding the facts on the ground and the realities around family relationships.

In addition, it’s valuable as a local law firm to understand how local courts work. For this purpose it’s important to be near the courthouse, too. But seriously, having a professional idea of local court systems and how cases proceed through them is a critical part of offering these professional legal services.

So whether you were arranging for a joint custody pickup location, trying to figure out the allocation of retirement assets, or working through some type of thorny issue in a divorce proceeding, turn to the family lawyers at the Spence Law Firm for reliable and attentive legal representation in court. Let us help you to access your rights under the law!