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Pick Up And Drop Off

ByThe Spence Law Firm April 12, 2022

As we’ve written about our work in supporting local families and resolving thorny family law issues, we’ve seen how even small considerations can lead to significant problems, and even additional legal work. That’s something for individuals and families to keep in mind, when they find themselves needing this kind of advice.

Some of the more substantial work in family law, in terms of challenges and resolution, has to do with conflict – often unanticipated conflict, or conflict simmering under the surface. Sometimes it’s the process that brings out the conflict “en media res”.

For example, let’s take a joint custody situation. If things are working fairly smoothly, there may not be much that a professional family law attorney needs to do to keep things on track. However, we’ve seen how custody issues can mushroom into something more, if the seeds of conflict have been planted, or if there’s any confusion about ongoing court orders and agreed-upon rules.

Families can go to court or to a mediator or possibly an arbitrator or private judge, or work through something in some other manner, but the rules have to be understood and followed, or they’re likely to end up back in the law firm’s office looking for additional solutions.

In the case of joint custody, there may be issues with pickup and drop-off of the children or the handoff between divorcing or divorced parents.

Barring that, there might be issues with temporary or permanent custody by a different guardian, perhaps a grandparent or aunt or uncle.

Then there is the property distribution aspect of divorce proceedings, which can be difficult to work out. Even without any evident acrimony, there’s quite a level of financial detail that begs consideration. In fact, many of us feel uncomfortable getting into our own financial details, especially when we don’t have to.

All that to say that we’re active every day in applying some of the best strategies and frameworks to individual family law cases. We find that when you do this, you come closer to the heart of the problem, and closer to a true resolution that’s going to set the stage for success over the coming years.

For questions on everything from custody to probate and estate planning, call The Spence Law Firm – to talk about your needs, and the process, and how local courts work, and what you can expect in a given type of case. We are there for our clients to help them to access their rights under the law, and to make difficult problems solvable, with the right acumen and counsel.