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Walking In

ByThe Spence Law Firm Feb. 10, 2022

At Spence Law Firm, we think a lot about what it is that the best family law attorneys do for their clients.

What we have found, in general, is that there is a profound part of the service that deals with the technical finer points of the law, but there’s another part of it that really deals in emotions and how clients feel as they move through the legal process.

Here’s an example – one of our attorneys often describes how clients feel when they enter a courtroom for the first time.

It seems, he says, as if people see the courtroom as “a scary place.” (We used this on our web site, because we think it’s apt.)

When you think about it, it really makes sense. If you’re a professional who’s in a courtroom every day, a lot of the stuff just seems standard. But to the client, to someone who has had to hire legal counsel, it’s a strange and exotic place with its own challenges. And when you take a look at the court system through those eyes, you see how intimidating it can be.

The Realities of Family Law

Then add to that the idea that most family law clients are trying to deal with some inherent conflict in their personal or family lives.

Going to court for something like custody is different than going to court over money. You’re actually talking about people’s lives and their relationships. In fact, one of the key principles of being a family lawyer is keeping in mind that there is nothing more powerful than a bond between parent and child.

We think that some firms tend to lose sight of this along the way. They don’t really internalize that reality or think about how their clients feel. We do.

So a big part of that real legal representation is being with you at that moment, when you walk into the courthouse for the first time. Good lawyers will explain everything to a client beforehand to orient them to the situation. But then they will also be proactive in guiding that person physically into the courtroom and through a court process.

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