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What is Breach of Contract

The Spence Law Firm Feb. 12, 2024

Orlando Breach of Contract Attorney

At The Spence Law Firm we are experienced breach of contract lawyers in Orlando.  We spend significant time and resources to studying contract law, breach of contract and contract litigation.

People and businesses that enter into a contract usually intend to honor the agreement. Our economy depends on contracts and contracts allow commerce to become certain and efficient.  All types of contracts are at issue: written agreements, oral agreements, partnerships, commitments and LLC Agreements. Every day partnerships and corporations enter into contracts. Regardless of the effort and detail that goes into drafting a contract, however, breaches can occur. Even what started as the clearest contract can be subject to varying interpretations. Whether you are trying to enforce your contract, clarify a contract, avoid a contract or interpret a contract, we can advise you of your options and get involved in litigation if necessary.

In breach of contract cases, we establish effective strategies to find resolution, explore all alternatives toward finding resolution, and assessing all risks and benefits of those decisions.  We understand that every dollar you spend on contract disputes negatively affects your bottom line. We are able to give an honest assessment of your chances and help you make a cost/benefit analysis to decide whether the enforcement of your contract rights makes sense.

The Importance of A Well-Written, Enforceable Contract

Contracts are a significant part of business operations that, when drafted well, protect both parties. A well -written contract outlines the responsibilities of each party, providing much needed structure and definition. The use of clear and transparent language prevents misinterpretation. Invest up front in a well-drafted contract to minimize issues in its interpretation and enforcement.

Resolving Breaches Through Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution

Contract breaches can be resolved by forcing the breaching party to fulfill their promise. Litigation is certainly one possible route. Alternative dispute resolution measures are also available in some cases. We try to find solutions through mediation or arbitration as part of our preparation of each case. Sometimes, however, settlement simply cannot be reached and we are ready to enforce our client’s rights in the courtroom.

Consult With an Experienced Orlando Breach of Contract Lawyer

If you are involved in a breach of contract dispute in Orlando or have been accused of breach of contract then you want to consult with an experienced, respected contract attorney in Orlando.

Richard P Spence is an Orlando breach of contract lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in litigating client’s breach of contract lawsuits, reviewing and analyzing contracts, drafting contracts and defending against breach of contract lawsuits. Call today for a FREE consultation and 5 Star Customer Service.